Batemans Bay Counselling Service

What is counselling?

The benefits of counselling include having someone who is independent, non-judgemental, confidential and professional who can help guide you through life's challenges. Counselling is about listening to you and may be focused on problem solving, dealing with negative thoughts, motivating to make change, pain or anger management, grief and loss, or working through traumatic experiences. It encompasses any topic from personal to work related, crisis or long term issues. It's about starting with where you are at and working towards where you want to be.

What's the difference between a counsellor, social worker & psychologist?

It's important to know the qualifications and experience of the person you make an appointment with. Anyone can call themselves a "counsellor", however if the practitioner is Medicare accredited this is a good benchmark, as they will have completed a minimum of 4-6 years of training plus have an additional 2 years of experience in mental health settings. An Accredited Mental Health Social Worker will have to complete 70 hours of training and professional development every year to keep their accreditation with Medicare and do the same work as a psychologist under a Mental Health Care Plan. Psychologists must complete minimum training standards and be registered to maintain their Medicare status.